~ Artist's Statement ~

We all have unknown wonders within.

Those of us who are lucky enough to get to be creative artists are constanly exploring those depths and attempting to interpret and make visible, the invisible and perhaps the unknown.

For the visual artist, the tools are color, light and dark, line and texture. Through the manipulation of these elements we make a statement about ourselves and our world.

For me, the world is an exciting and varied place and there are infinite statements to be made for one seeking to explore it and oneself.

I like to use contrast of light and dark, as well as color as the chief elements in my work and use the landscape as a metaphor for all of life. Trees are surrogate humans, standing tall or bending, reaching or withholding, going deep or staying shallow. They change and grow, twist, proliferate, or decline and die.

I also like reflections, as I see reflections of a more subtle, energetic world in everything around us. So even reflections become spiritual symbols.

For many years I did mostly wood sculpture, and I think that much of the 3-dimensional focus continues in my work.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.